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Crystal Horseshoe Necklace(LC) Tiffany Style Heart w/Swarovski Necklace(LC)
Crystal Austrian Crystal Necklace Set.(LC) CZ Crystal Horseshoe Necklace.
Rose Swarovski Crystal Cross Necklace(LC) AB Swarovski Cross on Silver Necklace(LC)
Amethyst Swarovski Cross Necklace(LC) Aqua Swarovski on SILVER Necklace(LC)
Black Swarovski Cross Silver Necklace(LC) Crystal Austrian Crystal Cross Necklace(LC)
Clear & AB Austrian Crystal Cross Neck (LC) Amethyst Crystal Cross Necklace (LC)
Aqua Austrian Crystal Cross Necklace (LC) Jet Austrian Crystal Cross Necklace (LC)
Topaz Austrian Crystal Cross Necklace (LC) Light Multi Crystal Cross Necklace (LC)
Rose Austrian Crystal Cross Necklace (LC) Siam Crystal Cross Necklace (LC)
Topaz Crystal & Gold Cross Necklace (LC) AB/Rose Gold Arabesque Necklace Set .(LC)(SP)
L. Sapphire Swarovski Triple Neck Set (SP) Lt Rose Swarovski Triple Necklace Set (SP)
Topaz Swarovski Crystal Triple Neck Set (SP) Austrian Crystal Necklace Set.(SP)
Austrian Crystal Double Row Neck Set.(LC) Circle of Life(Love) Crystal Necklace (LC)
Round Circle of Life(Love)Crystal Necklace (LC) Clear Austrian Crystal Cross Neck Set (LC)
Clear Austrian Crystal Designer Necklace (LC) Crystal Austrian Crystal Heart Necklace (LC)
Silver & Crystal Cross Necklace (LC) Crystal AB Heart Necklace (LC)
Bermuda Blue Crystal Heart Necklace (LC) Lt Rose Swarovski Clip On 2" Cross Pendant. (LC)
Topaz Swarovski Clip On 2" Cross Pendant .LC) 2 5/8" Double Crystal Cross Necklace (LC)
2" Double Crystal Cross Necklace. (LC) Clear Crystal Peace Sign Necklace. (LC)
Clear CZ Solitaire Necklace Set.(LC) Turquoise Heart Necklace (LC)
Turquoise Round Bead Necklace. (LC) Seafoam Green Crystal Badge Holder(LC)(SP)
Anniversary CZ Necklace Set. (LC) Turquoise Heart Necklace. (LC)
Fuchsia/crystals Flower Necklace. (LC)(SP) Orange w/crystals Flower Necklace. (LC)SP)
Yellow w/crystals Flower Necklace. (LC)(SP) Black w/crystals Flower Necklace. (LC)(SP)
Fuchsia w/Crystals Hrt Necklace(LC)(SP) Orange w/crystals Heart Necklace. (LC)(SP)
Yellow w/Crystals Heart Necklace. (LC)(SP) Black w/crystals Heart Necklace. (LC)(SP)
Orge/Austrian Peace Necklace. (LC)(SP) Ylo Austrian Peace Necklace. (LC)(SP)
Grn/Austrian Peace Necklace. (LC) (SP) Silver & Crystal Designer Cross Necklace. (LC)
Crystal/Silver Fleur-de-Lis Necklace (LC) Silver/Crystal Reverse Starfish Necklace (LC)
Silver/Crystal Tiffany-Look Heart Necklace (LC) Crystal Peace Sign Necklace. (LC)
Double Silver & Crystal Heart Necklace (LC) Crystal Cross Necklace Set w/Box (LC)
Turquoise Multi-Oval Necklace Set (LC) Silver "Faith, Hope, Love" Necklace (LC)
Black Pearl & Crystal Necklace Set (LC) Ivory Pearl & Crystal Necklace Set. (LC)
White Pearl & Crystal Necklace Set (LC) Ivory Pearl, Gold & Crystal Necklace Set(LC)
Silver Dragonfly Necklace (LC) Silver Angel Wing "Hope" Necklace (LC)
Silver Dragonfly "dream" Necklace (LC) 3/8" Black Pearl & Crystal Necklace Set. (LC)
Creamy Pearl & Crystal Necklace Set. (LC) 3/8" Bronze Pearl & Crystal Necklace Set. (LC)
3/8" White Pearl & Crystal Necklace Set. (LC) AB Crystal Large Cross Necklace. (LC)
3" Clear Crystal & Silver Cross Necklace (LC) Crystal Awareness Ribbon Necklace Set .(LC)
Turquoise/Silver Teardrop Necklace Set (LC) Turquoise/Crystal Ball Necklace Set (LC)
Silver/Crystal Long Angel Wing Necklace (LC) Silver/Crystal Winged Heart Necklace (LC)
Jointed Crystal/Silver Bear Necklace (LC) Silver/Crystal Turtle Necklace (LC)
Crystal/Silver Dragonfly Necklace (LC) Crystal Cross-in-Heart Necklace Set (LC)
Crystal/Silver Heart & Flowers Necklace (LC) Crystal/Silver Designer Necklace (LC)
Crystal/Silver Teardrop Necklace (LC) AB Crystal/Silver Flower Necklace (LC)
Crystal/Silver Ring Necklace (LC) Silver/Crystal Treble Clef Necklace (LC)
Silver & Pave Crystal Cross Necklace (LC) Clear Crystal/Silver Filigree Cross Necklace (LC)
Pearl & Cream Ribbon Necklace Set (LC) Black Pearl & Ribbon Necklace Set (LC)
Silver/Crystal Dragonfly Necklace Set (LC) Cream Pearl Necklace Set (LC)
Black Pearl Necklace Set (LC) White Pearl Necklace Set (LC)
Turquoise Multi-Slice Necklace Set. (LC) Triple Pearl & Silver Necklace Set (LC)
Clear Jeweled Ribbon Necklace (LC) Multi Jet Jeweled Necklace Set (LC)
Multi Colored Jeweled Necklace Set (LC) Hematite Fleur-de-Lis Necklace (LC)
Pearl & Crystal Flower Necklace Set. (LC) Clear Jeweled Flowers Necklace Set (LC)
Turquoise/Silver Necklace Set (LC) Round Turquoise/Silver Necklace Set (LC)
Designer Silver/Turquoise Necklace Set (LC) Turquoise Multi-Bead Necklace Set (LC)
Silver/Crystal Angel Wing Heart Necklace (LC) Crystal Fleur-de-Lis/Lock/Key Necklace.(LC)
Turquoise Beaded Flower Necklace Set. (LC) Black/Crystal Flowers Necklace Set. (LC)
Pearl/Crystal Rose/Flower Necklace Set. (LC) Crystal/Silver Heart Key Necklace (LC)
Crystal/Silver Cascade Necklace Set (LC) Silver/Crystal Crown Key Necklace (LC)
Gunmetal/Crystal "Buttons" Necklace Set (LC) Silver/Crystal "Buttons" Necklace Set (LC)
Crystal/Silver 3" Designer Cross Necklace (LC) Crystal/Silver Filigree Cross Necklace (LC)
Hematite/Gunmetal Filigree Cross Necklace (LC) Crystal/Silver Celtic Cross Necklace (LC)
Hematite Crystal Celtic Cross Necklace (LC) Bronze & Crystal Leaf Necklace (LC)
Pave Crystal Cross Necklace (LC) Black Pearl/Jeweled Necklace Set (LC)
White Pearl/Clear Jewels Necklace Set (LC) Black Pearl/Black Diamond Spray Necklace Set (LC)
White Pearl/Crystal Spray Necklace Set (LC) Multicolor "Jeweled" Necklace Set (LC)
Clear Crystal & Silver Cross Necklace (LC) Hematite Crystal/Silver Cross Necklace (LC)
Red Crystal & Bronze Cross Necklace (LC) Topaz Crystal & Bronze Cross Necklace (LC)
Clear Crystal/Gunmetal Cross Necklace (LC) Jet Crystal/Hematite Cross Necklace (LC)
Red Crystal/Gunmetal Cross Necklace (LC) Teal & Topaz/Gold Cross Necklace (LC)
Small Yellow & Crystal Hoop Earrings.(LC) Small Green & Crystal Hoop Earrings. (LC)
Pink Swarovski Crystal Hoop Earrings (LC) Small White & Crystal Hoop Earrings (LC)
Large White & Crystal Hoop Earrings (LC) Crystal Austrian Crystal Channel Earrings (LC)
Black AB Swarovski Crystal Drop Earring (SP) Jet Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings.
Crystal AB Swarovski Flower Earrings. (LC) Crystal Swarovksi Crystal Heart Earrings.
Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Angel Earrings(LC) L. Siam Swarovski Crystal & Hoop Earrings.(SP)
Topaz Swarovski Crystal & Hoop Earrings(SP) Crystal AB Swarovski Chandelier Earrings.(SP)
Black Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Earrings(SP) Olive Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Earrings.(SP)
Topaz Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Earrings.(SP) Crystal AB Swarovski Chanel Look Earrings.(SP)
Clear Austrian Crystal Chanel Look Earrings(SP) Olive Swarovski Crystal Chanel Look Earrings(SP)
Aqua AB Crystal Chandelier Earrings.(SP) Light Rose AB Crystal Chandelier Earrings.(SP)
Siam Crystal Chandelier Earrings.(SP) Clear Crystal Heart Earrings
Light Rose Crystal Heart Earrings. Small Crystal Cross-in-Heart Earrings (LC)
Gold Crystal AB Austrian Crystal Earrings.(SP) Clear Austrian Crystal Heart Earrings.(SP)
Gold & AB Austrian Crystal Heart Earrings.(SP) Rose Austrian Crystal Heart Earrings.(SP)
Lt Sapphire Austrian Crystal Heart Earrings.(SP) Peridot Austrian Crystal Heart Earrings.(SP)
Peridot Austrian Crystal Sm Chandelier Earrings(SP) Peridot Austrian Crystal Earrings.(SP)
Crystal Cutout Cross Earrings (LC) Crystal AB Cross Earrings(LC)
Crystal Cross Earrings (LC) Crystal Circle of Love (Life) Earrings. (LC)
Double Clear Crystal Med Hoop Earrings (LC) Double Clear Crystal Small Hoop Earrings (LC)
Topaz Victorian Teardrop Earrings (SP) Austrian Crystal Heart Earrings. (LC)
Animal Print Small Hoop Earrings. (LF)(SP) Clear Austrian Crystal Crown Earrings. (LF)
Clear & AB Crystal Hoop Earrings (LC) Small Crystal Hoop Earrings (LC)
Medium Crystal Hoop Earrings (LC) Large Crystal Hoop Earrings (LC)
Extra Large Crystal Hoop Earrings (LC) Large Crystal Hoop Earrings (LC)
Extra-Large Crystal Hoop Earrings (LC) Snow Leopard w/crystals Disk Earrings.(LC)(SP)
Small Clear Crystal Hoop Earrings. (LC) Small Light Topaz Hoop Earrings.(LC)
Clear Austrian Crystal Cross Earrings (LF) Large Clear Austrian Crystal Heart Earrings (LF)
Austrian Crystal Heart Earrings (LF) Clear Austrian Crystal Journey Earrings (LF)
3mm Clear CZ Earrings. (LF) 7mm Clear CZ Stud Earrings (LF)
Fuchsia Austrian Crystal Angel Earrings (LC) Long Gold & Abalone Earrings (LC)(SP)
Long Gold MOP Designer Earrings (LC)(SP) Black Austrian Crystal Filigree Earrings.(LC)(SP)
Silver & Crystal Horseshoe Earrings (LC) Pink Shell Cascade Earrings (LC)(SP)
Lt Blue Shell Cascade Earrings (LC)(SP) Lt Siam Shell Cascade Earrings (LC)(SP)
Pink Heart Earrings w/Austrian Crystals (LC)(SP) White Heart Earrings w/Austrian Crystals (LC)(SP)
Siam Austrian Crystal Accented Earrings(LC)(SP) Teal/Blue Zircon Crystal Hoop Earrings. (LC)
Clear & Crystal Smooth Hoop Earrings. (LC) Brown/Topaz Crystal Hoop Earrings. (LC)
Clear Crystal Heart & Crown Earrings (LC) Round Turquoise Drop Earrings (LC)
Turquoise Heart Earrings (LC) Turquoise Square Earrings (LC)
Rectangular Turquoise Drop Earrings (LC) Turquoise Disk Earrings (LC)
Turquoise Long Oval Earrings (LC) Turquoise Diamond-Shaped Earrings(LC)
Orange & Crystal Peace Sign Earrings. (LC)(SP) Yellow & Crystal Peace Sign Earrings. (LC)(SP)
Green & Crystal Peace Sign Earrings. (LC)(SP) Crystal Heart & Peace Sign Earrings (LC)
Silver & Crystal Peace Sign Earrings (LC) Red-Orange Double Ovals Earrings(LC)(SP)
Aqua Lucite Ring Earrings (LC)(SP) Orange Lucite Ring Earrings (LC)(SP)
Yellow Lucite Ring Earrings (LC)(SP) Medium Clear Crystal Hoop Earrings (LC)
Small Double Clear Crystal Hoop Earrings (LC) Clear Crystal Horseshoe Earrings (LC)
SMALL Black Snakeskin Earrings (LC)(SP) LARGE Multi Stars Hoop Earrings. (LC)(SP)
Rhodium/Black Vines Lozenge Earrings (LC) Rhodium/Black Vines Disk Earrings (LC)
Silver & Crystal Fleur-de-Lis Earrings (LC) Jet Crystal Fleur-de-Lis Earrings (LC)
Gold & Topaz Fleur-de-Lis Earrings (LC) Crystal/Silver Peace Sign Earrings (LC)
Triple Row Clear Crystal Hoop Earrings (LC) Five Row Clear Crystal Hoop Earrings (LC)
Silver & Crystal Twisted Oval Earrings (LC) Crystal & Silver Teardrop Earrings (LC)
Ivory Pearl Drop Earrings (LC) White Pearl Drop Earrings (LC)
Turquoise/Silver Oval Earrings (LC) Turquoise/Silver Oval Earrings (LC)
Turquoise/Silver Teardrop Earrings (LC) Turquoise/Silver Tribal Earrings (LC)
Silver/Crystal Winged Heart Earrings. (LC) Silver Long Angel Wing Earrings (LC)
Crystal/Silver Double Star Earrings (LC) Crystal/Silver Double Heart Earrings (LC)
Crystal/Silver Double Circle Earrings (LC) Crystal/Silver Ring Earrings (LC)
Clear Pave Crystal Hoop Earrings. (LC) White/Crystal Medium Hoop Earrings. (LC)
White/Crystal Large Hoop Earrings. (LC) Silver/Crystal Star Earrings (LC)
Silver/Crystal Heart Earrings (LC) Crystal & Silver Turtle Earrings (LC)
Burnished Silver/Crystal Wing Earrings (LC) Amethyst Crystal 1/2" Round Earrings (LC)
Aqua Crystal 1/2" Round Earrings (LC) Clear Crystal 1/2" Round Earrings (LC)
Jet Crystal 1/2" Round Earrings (LC) Rose Crystal 1/2" Round Earrings (LC)
AB Crystal 3/4" Round Earrings (LC) Amethyst Crystal 3/4" Round Earrings (LC)
Aqua Crystal 3/4" Round Earrings (LC) Clear Crystal 3/4" Round Earrings (LC)
Jet Crystal 3/4" Round Earrings (LC) Rose Crystal 3/4" Round Earrings (LC)
Turquoise/Silver Scrollwork Earrings (LC) Turquoise/Silver Medallion Earrings (LC)
Turquoise/Silver Oval Earrings (LC) Black Diamond Teardrop Cascade Earrings (LC)
Crystal/Silver Teardrop Cascade Earrings (LC) Crystal/Silver Key Earrings (LC)
Crystal Butterfly Key Earrings (LC) Silver/Crystal Key Earrings (LC)
Crystal/Silver Heart Key Earrings (LC) Crystal/Silver Sphere Earrings (LC)
Hematite/Gunmetal Sphere Earrings (LC) Topaz & Gold Sphere Earrings (LC)
Black Pearl Bow Earrings (LC) White Pearl Bow Earrings (LC)
Designer Crystal Teardrop Earrings (LC) Silver Coil & Crystal Teardrop Earrings (LC)
Gunmetal & Crystal Double Star Earrings (LC) Jet Teardrop Cluster Earrings (LC)
Multicolor Teardrop Cluster Earrings (LC) Turquoise Teardrop Cluster Earrings (LC)
Vintage Teardrop & Flower Earrings (LC) Vintage Filigree Earrings (LC)
Vintage Crescent Earrings (LC) Black/Silver Glitter Leopard Earrings (LC)
Gold/Brown Glitter Leopard Earrings (LC) Small Black Houndstooth Earrings (LC)
Large Black Houndstooth Earrings (LC) Clear Austrian Crystal I LOVE JESUS Pin (LF)
Clear Austrian Crystal "JESUS" Pin(LC) Large Clear Crystal Christian Fish Pin(LC)
Clear Austrian Crystal Crown Pin(LC) Pink Swarovski Crystal Princess Pin(LC)
Crystal Swarovski "Queen" Pin(LC) (SP) Siam Swarvski QUEEN MOTHER Pin.(SP)
Teacher's ABC Austrian Crystal Pin (LC) Austrian Crystal Gold Musical Pin (LC)(SP)
Silver & Crystal Crown Pin(LC) Austrian Crystal & Silver Angel Pin(LC)
Crystal Austrian Crystal Heart Brooch(LC) Pink Austrian Crystal Heart Brooch(LC)
Austrian Crystal Fleur-de-Lis Brooch Crystal & Silver Marcasite Crown Brooch(SP). (LC)
Burnished Silver/Crystal Bear Pin (LC) Silver"I am with you" Handbag Holder. (LC)
Silver "Soccer Mom" Pin (LC) Silver "Softball Mom" Pin. (LC)
Silver "Basketball Mom" Pin (LC) Baseball Pin (LC)
Crystal/Silver Filigree Cross Pin (LC) AB Crystal Fleur-de-Lis Brooch (LC)
Clear Crystal Fleur-de-Lis Brooch (LC) Jet/Smoky Crystal Fleur-de-Lis Brooch (LC)
Light Topaz Fleur-de-Lis Brooch (LC) Silver "Football Mom" Pin (LC)
Crystal AB Swarovski Crystal Earrings.(LC) Black Swarovski Crystal Earrings. (LC)
Lt Topaz Swarovski Crystal Earrings. Peridot Swarovski Crystal Earrings.(LC)
Rose Swarovski Crystal Earrings.(LC) Siam Swarovski Crystal Earrings.(LC)
4mm Swarovski AB Square Earrings(LC) 4 mm Indian Red Swarovski Crystal Cube Ear(LC)
4mm Pink Swarovski Crystal Cube Earrings(LC) 4mm Crystal AB Euro Wire Earrings. (LC)
4mm B. Blue Swarovski Euro Wire Earrings.(LC) 4mm Gold Shadow Euro Wire Earrings.(LC)
4mm Helio Swarovski Euro Wire Earrings.(LC) 4mm Rose Crystal Euro Wire Earring.(LC)
4mm V.M Euro Wire Earrings.(LC) 4 mm Swarovski Multi Facet Sqr Earrings.(LC)
POST Square Swarovski Crystal AB Earrings(LC) POST Bermuda Blue Swarovski Crystal Ear.(LC)
POST Square Green Swarovski Crystal Ear(LC) POST Golden Shadow Swarovski Square Ear(LC)
POST Indian Red Swarovski Crystal Earrings.(LC) POST Square Jet Swarovski Crystal Earrings.(LC)
POST Lavender Swarovski Crystal Earrings(LC) POST Square Red Swarovski Crystal Earrings(LC)
POST Rose Swarovski Crystal Earrings(LC) EUROWIRE 6mm Aqua Swarovski Earrings.(LC)
EUROWIRE Golden Shadow Swarovski Ear(LC) EUROWIRE Helio Swarovski Crystal Ear(LC)
Crystal AB Swarovski Cube Necklace(LC) Bermuda Blue Swarovski Crystal Necklace(LC)
Rose Swarovski Crystal Cube Necklace(LC) 8 MM Crystal Swarovski Crystal Cube Necklace(LC)
Rose Swarovski Beveled Cube Earrings.(SP) Aqua Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings.(SP)
Lt Topaz AB Swarovski Drop Earrings.(SP) Rose Swarovski Crystal Silver Necklace.(SP)
Peridot AB Swarovski Crystal Necklace(SP). Siam Swarovski Crystal Bracelet(SP)
Clear Crystal Teardrop Stacking Bracelet Sapphire Crystal Stacking Bracelet (SP)
Rose Crystal Stacking Bracelet(SP) Aqua Swarovski Triple Crystal Necklace.(SP)
Lt. Sapphire AB Swarovski Triple Earrings(SP) Peridot AB Swarovski Triple Earrings(SP)
Rose AB Swarovski AB Triple Earrings(SP) LTTOP Swarovski Sterling Earrings.(SP)
Teal Swarovski & Sterling Earrings.(SP) Teal Swarovski & Sterling Earrings.(SP)
Peridot Swarovski & Sterling Necklace (SP) Black AB Swarovski Crystal Chain Earrings
Crystal AB Swarovski Chain Earrings (SP) Peridot Swarovski Square Chain Earrings(SP)
Rose AB Swarovski Chain Earrings (SP) Double PeriAB Swarovski Drop Earrings(SP)
Crystal AB Swarovski Heart Earrings(SP) Pink Swarovski Heart Earrings.(LC)(SP)
Red Swarovski Heart Drop Earrings.(LC)(SP) Crystal AB Swarovski Sterling Earrings.(SP)
Aqua Swarovski Sterling Earrings (SP) Crystal AB Swarovski & Sterling Earrings(SP)
Lt Sap Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings(SP) Peridot AB Swarovski Drop Earrings(SP)
Rose AB Swarovski Drop Earrings (SP) Light Topaz AB Swarovski Drop Earrings.(SP)
Aqua Swarovski Crystal Teardrop Earrings. Rose Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings.
Aqua AB Swarovski Crystal Dangle Earrings.(SP) LCT Swarovski Crystal Dangle Earrings.(SP)
Rose AB Swarovski Crystal Dangle Earrings.(SP) Gold w/Aqua Swarovski Flower Earrings(SP)
Crystal AB Swarovski Crystal Earrings(SP) Aqua & Crystal AB Swarovski Crystal Ear(SP)
Rose & Crystal AB Swarovski Crystal Ear(SP) Peridot & Crystal AB Swarovski Crystal Ear(SP)
Violet & Crystal AB Swarovski Crystal Ear(SP) Rose Swarovski Crystal Heart Earrings.(SP)
Crystal AB Swarovski Drop Earrings.(SP) Aqua & AB Swarovski Drop Earrings.(SP)
Rose & AB Swarovski Drop Earrings.(SP) Topaz/Crystal Swarovski Drop Earrings.(SP)
Fuchsia Swarovski Hoop Earrings(SP) Lt Col. Topaz Swarovski Crystal Hoop Earrings(SP)
Red Swarovski Crystal Hoop Earrings(SP) Hematite Swarovski Crystal Hoop Earrings.
Crystal AB Swarovski Chanel Look Necklace.(SP) Light Topaz Swarovski Chanel Look Necklace.(SP)
Light Blue Swarovski Look Necklace(SP) Jet AB Swarovski Crystal Gold Earrings(SP)
Olive AB Swarovski Crystal Gold Earrings(SP) Topaz AB Swarovski Gold Earrings(SP)
Crystal AB Swarovski Gold Earrings (SP) Multi Swarovski Crystal Y Necklace.(SP)
Multi Blue Swarovski Y Necklace.(SP) Crystal AB Swarovski Heart Earrings(SP)
Fuchsia Swarovski Heart Earrings(LC)(SP) Rose Swarovski Crystal Heart Earrings(SP)
Red Swarovski Crystal Heart Earrings (SP) Crystal AB Swarovski Flower Earrings. (SP)
Aqua Swarovski Crystal Flower Drop Earrings(SP) Rose Swarovski Crystal Flower Drop Earrings(SP)
Aqua AB Swarovksi Necklace Set.(SP) Light Rose AB Swarovksi Necklace Set.(SP)
Aqua Swarovski Crystal Butterfly Earrings (SP) Crystal AB Swarovski Chandelier Earrings(SP)
Rose Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Earrings.(SP) Crystal AB Swarovski Butterfly Earrings (SP)
Aqua Swarovski Butterfly Earrings (SP) Fuschia Swarovski Butterfly Earrings(SP)
L Rose Swarovski Butterfly Earrings(SP) Crystal AB Swarovski Butterfly Earrings(SP)
Aqua Swarovski Butterfly Earrings(SP) Fuschia Swarovski Butterfly Earrings(SP)
LRose Swarovski Butterfly Earrings(SP) Fuschia Swarovski Butterfly Necklace (SP)
LRose Swarovski Butterfly Necklace.(SP) Crystal AB Swarovski Drop Earrings.(SP)
Aqua Swarovski Drop Earrings.(SP) L.Rose Swarovski Drop Earrings (SP)
Crystal AB Swarovksi Sterling Silver Earrings. Crystal AB Swarovski Sterling Silver Necklace.
AB Swarovski Sterling Necklace (LC)(SP) AB Swarovski Sterling Earrings. (LC)(SP)
Aqua Swarovski Sterling Earring. (LC))SP) Chrystallite Swarovski Sterling Earr(LC)(SP)
Rose Swarovski Sterling Earrings. (LC)(SP) Aqua Swarovski Sterling Necklace.(LC)(SP)
Rose Swarovski Sterling Necklace.(LC)(SP) Aqua Swarovski Crystal Flower Necklace.(SP)
Rose Swarovski Crystal Flower Necklace.(SP) Peridot Swarovski Crystal Flower Necklace.(SP)
AB Square Crystal Drop Earrings.(SP) Aqua Square Swarovski Drop Earrings.(SP)
Chrysolyte Swarovski Square DropEarrings.(SP) Lavender Swarovski Square Drop Earrings.(SP)
Crystal AB Swarovski Square Necklace.(SP) Aqua AB Swarovski Crystal Necklace.(SP)
Peridot AB Swarovski Square Necklace.(SP) Violet AB Swarovski Square Necklace.(SP)
Lt RoseAB Swarovski & Pearl Necklace(SP) Clear AB Swarovski Drop Earrings.(SP)
Multi-Blue Swarovski Drop Earrings(SP) Multi-Green Swarovski Drop Earrings(SP)
Light Topaz Swarovksi Drop Earrings(SP) Rose & Peach Swarovski Drop Earrings(SP)
Clear AB Swarovski Teardrop Earrings.(SP) Lt Blue Swarovski Teardrop Earrings(SP)
Lt Green Swarovski Teardrop Earrings(SP) Gold Shadow Swarovski Earrings (SP)
Lt Rose Swarovski Teardrop Earrings Clear AB Swarovski Drop Earrings (SP)
Azore Blue Swarovski Drop Earrings (SP) Golden Swarovski Drop Earrings (SP)
Peach Swarovski Long Drop Earrings(SP) Blue & Emerald Swarovski Necklace.(SP)
Siam Swarovski Crystal Necklace.(SP) Tiger's Eye /Topaz Swarovski Necklace(SP)
Crystal AB Swarovski Drop Earrings (SP). Emerald Swarovski Drop Earrings (SP)
Topaz Swarovski Drop Earrings (SP) Sapphire Swarovski Drop Earrings (SP)
Aqua Round Swarovski Earrings (SP) Clear AB Swarovski Octagon Earrings(SP)
Aqua Swarovski Octagon Earrings (SP) Siam Swarovski Octagon Earrings (SP)
Smoky Topaz Swarovski Octagon Ear (SP) Blue AB Octagonal Swarovski Necklace.(SP)
Light Topaz Swarovski Drop Earrings(SP) Lt Top Cross/Swarovski Necklace Set (LF)
6mm White Pearl Earrings 7mm White Pearl Earrings
Blue Indicolite Swarovski Necklace.(SP) Black Swarovski Crystal Necklace.(SP)
Topaz Swarovski Crystal Necklace.(SP) Clear AB Swarovski & Sterling Earrings(LC)(SP)
Clear AB Swarovski & Sterling Neck(LC)(SP) Jet Swarovski & Sterling Necklace(LC)(SP)
AB Swarovski Drop Earrings(SP) Aqua Swarovski Drop Earrings.(SP)
Silver Swarovski Drop Earrings(SP) Jet Swarovski Drop Earrings.(SP)
Pink Swarovski Drop Earrings.(SP) Peridot Swarovski Drop Earrings.(SP)
Clear AB Swarovski Heart & Pearl Necklace. Rose Swarovski Heart & Pearl Necklace.
Tanzanite Swarovski Heart Necklace. Clear AB Heart Swarovski Crystal Necklace.
Rose Heart Swarovski Crystal Necklace. Large Rose Swarovski Heart Necklace.(SP)
Fuchsia Swarovski Heart Necklace(SP) Aqua Swarovski Flower Necklace.(SP)
Peridot Swarovski Flower Necklace.(SP) Rose Swarovski Flower Necklace.(SP)
AB Swarovski Sterling Heart Earrings.(LC)(SP) Aqua Swarovski Sterling Heart Ear (LC)(SP)
Rose Swarovski Sterling Heart Ear(LC)(SP) Aqua Swarovski Heart Sterling Necklace(LC)(SP)
Rose Swarovski Heart Sterling Necklace(LC)(SP) Sterling Earrings w/Aqua Swarovski Hearts(LC)(SP)
Sterling Earrings w/AB Swarovski Hearts(LC)(SP) Sterling Earrings w/Pink Swarovski Hearts(LC)(SP)
Crystal AB Swarovski Sterling Heart Necklace(LC)(SP) Rose Swarovski Heart Sterling Silver Earrings.(LC)(SP)
Rose Swarovski Sterling Silver Heart Necklace(LC)(SP) Turquoise Heart Toggle Bracelet (LC)
Turquoise Heart Toggle Necklace Set. (LC) Multi Blue Triple Swarovski Earrings.(SP)
Multi Pink Triple Swarovski Earrings.(SP) Crystal AB Swarovski Heart Drop Earrings.(SP)
Rose Swarovski Crystal Heart Drop Earrings(SP) AB Swarovski Heart Double Necklace.(SP)
Rose Swarovski Heart Double Necklace(SP) Clear AB Swarovski Drop Earrings.(SP)
Jet Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings.(SP) Light Colorado Topaz Swarovski Drop Earrings.(SP)
Smoky Topaz Swarovski Drop Earrings.(SP) Clear AB Swarovski Bicone Earrings(SP)
Emerald Swarovski Bicone Earrings(SP) Jet Swarovski Bicone Earrings.(SP)
Light Topaz Swarovski Bicone Earrings.(SP) Olive Swarovski Crystal Bicone Earrings.(SP)
Smoky Topaz Swarovski Bicone Earrings.(SP) Clear AB Swarovski Single Drop Earrings.(SP)
Emerald Swarovski Single Drop Earrings.(SP) Jet Swarovski Single Drop Earrings.(SP)
LCT Swarovski Single Drop Earrings.(SP) Olive Swarovski Single Drop Earrings.(SP)
Smoky Topaz Swarovski Drop Earrings.(SP) Tanzanite Swarovski Crystal Earrings.(SP)
Turquoise Oval Bead Necklace Set. (LC) Aqua Swarovski Hoop Earrings. (LC)(SP)
Mirrored Silver Swarovski Hoop Earrings.(LC)(SP) Jet Swarovski Hoop Earrings (LC)(SP)
Pink Swarovksi Crystal Hoop Earrings (LC)(SP) Ivory Pearl Adjustable Ring. (LC)
White Pearl Adjustable Ring. (LC) Silver/Clear Crystal Drop Earrings (LC)
Silver/Crystal Spere Necklace (LC) Crystal AB Swarovski Heart Earrings.(LC)
Rose Swarovski Crystal Heart Earrings.(LC) Sapphire Swarovski Heart Earrings.(LC)
Siam Swarovski Crystal Heart Earrings.(LC) AB Crystal Headband (LC)
Aqua Crystal Headband (LC) Clear Crystal Headband (LC)
Jet Crystal Headband (LC) Multi-Crystal & Silver Jingle Bracelet
White Pearl & Silver Marcasite Bracelet Silver & Clear Austrian Crystal Bracelet .(LF)
Crystal AB Swarovski Crystal Bracelet(LC) Black and Silver Marcasite Bracelet (LC)
Blue Swarovski Crystal Bracelet(LC) Burn Bronze & Clear Swarovski Bracelet
Burn. Brnz w/Jet & Clear Swarovski Bracelet Crystal Swarovski Crystal Bracelet(LC)
Dark Multi Swarovski Marcasite Bracelet Multi Swarovski Crystal Marcasite Bracelet`(LC)
Pink Swarovski Crystal Bracelet(LC) Siam Swarovski Crystal Bracelet(LC)
Topaz Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Teal Swarovski Crystal Bracelet(LC)
Tanzanite Swarovski Marcasite Bracelet(LC) Pink Bangle Bracelet
Crystal AB Crystal Heart Bracelet (LC) AB Austrian Crystal Wrap Bracelet
Crystal Austrian Crystal Wrap Bracelet(LC) Jet & AB Austrian Crystal Lucite Bangle(SP)
Narrow Frosted Amber Bangle w/Topaz Crystals(SP) Rose Austrian Crystal Narrow Lucite Bangle(SP)
Brown Bangle w/Topaz & Teal Crystals(SP) Jet & AB Triple Austrian Crystal Lucite Bangle.
Rose & AB Triple Austrian Crystal Lucite Bangle. Brown Bangle w/Topaz, Teal, & AB Crystals.
Clear Lucite Bangle w/Clear Austrian Crystals. (LF) Clear Lucite Bangle w/Austrian Crystals. (LF)(SP)
Blue Crystal & Silver Bangle(SP) Jet Crystal & Silver Bangle(SP)
Light Topaz Crystal & Silver Bangle(SP) Pink Crystal & Silver Bangle(SP)
Peridot Crystal & Silver Bangle (LC)(SP) Triple Clear Crystal Bead Bracelets. (LC)
Triple Jet Crystal Bead Bracelets. (LC) Silver Multi Cross Alpha & Omega Bracelet (LC)
Stone w/print Bead Bracelet (LC)(SP) Abalone, Silver & Pearl Charm Bracelet. (LC)(SP)
Designer Adjustable Bracelet. (LC) Crystal & Silver Buds & Branches Bracelet.(LC)
Multi Colored Beaded Bracelet (LC)(SP) Wide Bright Crescents Bracelet. (LC)(SP)
Single Crystal Anklet or Large Bracelet (LC) Double Crystal Anklet or Large Bracelet (LC)
Clear Crystal & Rhodium Bracelet .(LC) Clear Crystal Memory Cuff Bracelet (LC)
Light Rose Crystal & Copper Bracelet (LC) Siam Crystal & Copper Bracelet (LC)
Topaz Crystal & Copper Bracelet. (LC) Triple AB & Blue Metal Bracelet (LC)
Crystal & Silver Crosses Bracelet (LC) Crystal & Silver Horseshoe Bracelet (LC)
Wood, Olive & Turquoise Bracelet Set (LC) Multi Ivory & Brown Bracelet Set (LC)
Black Pearl & Crystal Bracelet. (LC) Ivory Pearl & Crystal Bracelet. (LC)
Silver Heart Charms Toggle Bracelet (LC) Silver Key, Heart & "X" Toggle Bracelet (LC)
White Pearl, Silver, & Crystal Bracelet (LC) Black 3/8" Pearl & Crystal Bracelet (LC)
Ivory 3/8" Pearl & Crystal Bracelet (LC) Bronze 3/8" Pearl & Crystal Bracelet (LC)
White 3/8" Pearl & Crystal Bracelet (LC) Silver Hearts Anklet/Large Bracelet (LC)
Silver Crosses Anklet/Large Bracelet (LC) Silver Fleur-de-Lis Anklet/Bracelet (LC)
Silver/Multi Crystal Bracelet Set (LC) Set of 9 Silver/Turquoise Bangles (LC)
Set of 9 Turquoise/Silver Bangles (LC) Crystal & Silver Fleur-de-Lis Bracelet (LC)
Brushed Silver Peace Charm Bracelet (LC) Amethyst Crystal Bracelet (LC)
Aqua Crystal Bracelet (LC) Blue Zircon Crystal Bracelet (LC)
Clear Crystal Bracelet (LC) Fuchsia Crystal Bracelet (LC)
Jet Crystal Bracelet (LC) Peridot Crystal Bracelet (LC)
Light Rose Crystal Bracelet (LC) Purple Pearl/Flower Bracelet (LC)
Jet/Pearl Crystal Flower Bracelet (LC) Crystal/Silver Large Butterfly Bracelet (LC)
Large Jet Butterfly Bracelet (LC) Clear Crystal Hinged Bracelet (LC)
Clear Crystal Flower Hinged Bracelet (LC) Clear "Ice" Crystal Hinged Bracelet (LC)
Set of Four Clear Crystal Bracelets (LC) Set of Four Jet Crystal Bracelets(LC)
Satin Silver & White Pearl Bracelet (LC) Turquoise/Silver Bracelet w/Hearts. (LC)
Designer Turquoise/Silver Bracelet (LC) Turquoise Teardrop Bracelet (LC)
Turquoise/Silver Filigree Bracelet (LC) Turquoise/Silver Bracelet w/Cross (LC)
Turquoise/Silver Bracelet w/Heart (LC) Crystal Multi Star Anklet (LC)
Crystal Multi Heart Anklet (LC) Silver Fleur-de-Lis Double Anklet (LC)
Silver Star & Heart Double Anklet (LC) Silver Double Heart Anklet (LC)
Gunmetal/Crystal "Buttons" Bracelet (LC) Silver/Crystal "Buttons" Bracelet (LC)
AB Crystal Sparkle Bracelet (LC) Blue Zircon Sparkle Bracelet (LC)
Fuchsia Crystal Sparkle Bracelet (LC) Hematite Crystal Sparkle Bracelet (LC)
Coral & Crystal Beaded Bracelet (LC) Jet & w/Crystals Beaded Bracelet (LC)
Topaz & Gold w/Crystals Bracelet (LC) Turquoise & Crystal Beaded Bracelet (LC)
Silver Mesh & Hematite Chain Bracelet (LC) Clear Crystal Fleur-de-Lis Bangle (LC)
Jet Crystal Fleur-de-Lis Bangle (LC) Topaz Crystal Fleur-de-Lis Bangle (LC)
Double AB Crystal Bangle (LC) Double Clear Crystal Bangle (LC)
Set of 9 Crystal & Rhodium Bangles (LC) Set of 5 Black & Silver Bangles (LC)
Brown Bracelet w/Steer & Star (LF)(SP) Black Bracelet w/Steer & Star (LF)(SP)
Black/Silver Horse & Heart Bracelet (LF)(SP) Brown/Silver Framed Horse Head Bracelet (LF)(SP)
Black/Silver Framed Horse Head Bracelet (LF)(SP) Golf Earrings(SP)
Silver Fish Ring. (Size 6) Two-Tone JESUS IS ALIVE Ring (Size 6)(SP)
Triple Flip Flop Anklet Set (Blue)(SP) Assorted Colors Single Flip Flop Anklet Set(SP)
Brown Football Magnetic Bracelet White Baseball or Softball Bracelet (LC)
White & Red Nurse Hat Magnetic Bracelet Silver Treble Clef Magnetic Bracelet
Yellow Softball or Tennis Bracelet Black Swirled Heart Bracelet (LC)
Pink Swirled Heart Bracelet (LC) Silver HOPE, FAITH and LOVE Bracelet (LC)
Silver Designer Filigree Bracelet (LC) Silver Designer Look Heart Bracelet (LC)
Gold Designer Look Heart Bracelet (LC) HOPE, LOVE & FAITH Charm Bracelet
Proverbs 31 Women Bracelet (LC) Silver HOPE, FAITH & LOVE Bracelet (LC)
Hope, Faith, and Love Filigree Bracelet (LC) Silver Filigree Link Bangle Bracelet (LC)
Designer Silver Bangle Bracelet (LC) Silver Designer Look Filigree Bracelet (LC)
Blue & Gray Dallas Look Spirit Football Br. Black/White School Spirit Football Bracelet
Red, White & Blue Football Bracelet Silver Designer Heart Toggle Bracelet (LC)
Silver Proverbs "Trust in the Lord" Bracelet (LC) Pink & Silver Proverbs 3:5 Bracelet (LC)
Silver Isaiah 40:31 "Those who Hope..." LC Psalms 92:2 He Is My Refuge…Bracelet (LC)
Multi/Silver Baseball Bracelet(SP) Silver Designer Look Filigree Bracelet (LC)
Designer Look Filigree Link Bracelet (LC) TTone Designer Look Flower Bracelet (LC)
Multi & Silver Fruits of the Spirit Bracelet (LC) Silver Psalm 91:11 Bracelet (LC)
Psalm 84:10 "Better is One Day" Bracelet (LC) Black & Silver Designer Style Bracelet (LC)
Silver "We will serve the Lord" Bracelet (LC) Two Tone Designer Style Filigree Bracelet (LC)
Silver "Surely I Will Uphold You" Bracelet (LC) Silver & Black Filigree Bangle. (LC)
Silver "God is love" Bracelet (LC) Silver "Do Not Fear" Bracelet w/Cross (LC)
T Tone w/Crystals Designer Look Bracelet. (LC) Two Tone Designer Look Crystal Bracelet (LC)
Silver Fleur-De-Lis Magnetic Bracelet (LC) Tri Tone "Shout for Joy to the Lord" Br (LC)
Silver & Black "Shout for Joy" Bracelet (LC) Silver Faith, Hope Love Bracelet (LC)
"Fear not for I am with you" Bracelet (LC) Silver Fruit of the Spirit Bracelet (LC)
Silver "Hope and a Future" Bracelet (LC) Black/Silver Galloping Horse Bracelet (LC)
Silver & Crystal Angel Charm Bracelet (LC) Silver & Crystal Cross Charm Bracelet (LC)
Silver & Crystal Designer Heart Bracelet (LC) Silver Double Cable Bracelet w/Lime Crystals(SP)
Green Crystal/Silver Designer Look Bracelet(SP) Silver Horses Magnetic Bracelet (LC)
Silver "Be Still, And Know" Bracelet (LC) Psalm 62:2 "HE IS MY ROCK" Bracelet (LC)
"We Live By Faith" Bracelet. (LC) Gold Journey Crystal Toggle Bracelet (SP)
Silver & Crystal Journey Toggle Bracelet (SP) Silver "With God…" Twisted Bracelet (LC)
Twisted Silver Serenity Prayer Bangle (LC) Twisted "Count Your Blessings" Bangle (LC)
Twisted Lord's Prayer Bangle Bracelet (LC) Gold Jeremiah 29:13 "all your heart" Bracelet (SP)
Gold "When I am afraid" Bracelet(SP) Gold "You shall love the Lord" Bracelet (SP)
Gold "Ask for Patience" Bracelet (SP) Silver "Ask for Patience" Bracelet (SP)
Silver Twisted Designer Inspired Bracelet (LC) Silver Twisted Filigree Bracelet (LC)
Twisted Silver/Crystal Inspiring Bangle. (LC) Twisted "Mom" Bangle w/Heart Charm (LC)
Silver Twisted Friend Bangle w/Heart (LC) Twisted Silver "Sisters" Bangle w/Flower (LC)
Twisted Silver Grandma Bangle w/Heart (LC) Polished Gold Designer Bracelet. (LC)
Silver & Crystal Multi-Heart Bracelet. (LC) Silver Armor of God Charm Bracelet (LC)
Silver "You are the Christ" Bracelet (LC) Silver "I walk through the valley" Bracelet (LC)
Silver "LOVE like you never…" Bangle. (LC) Silver Philippians 4:13 Bracelet (LC)
"My Rock and My Redeemer" Bracelet.(LC) Black/Silver "A friend " Bracelet .(LC)(SP)
Black & Silver IMAGINE Bracelet.. (LC)(SP) Black & Silver DREAM Bracelet .(LC)(SP)
Silver "I love you as my mother" Bracelet (LC) Twisted Silver "A mother holds…" Bracelet (LC)
"Count your blessings" Cuff Bracelet(LC) Silver John 3:16 Wide Cuff Bracelet. (LC)
Silver Matthew 19:26 Wide Cuff Bracelet (LC) Silver & Jet Designer Look Cable Bracelet. (LC)
Two-Tone & Jet Designer Cable Bracelet.(LC) Black Designer Look Cuff Bracelet. (LC)
Two-Tone Designer Look Bracelet. (LC) Silver Designer Look Heart Bracelet. (LC)
Silver & Black Horses Bracelet (LC) Silver Fruit of the Spirit Message Bracelet .(LC)(SP)
Black John 3:16 Bracelet .(LC) Black/Silver Teacher's Prayer Bracelet .(LC)(SP)
Silver & Black Designer Bracelet (LC) Two Tone & Black Designer Bracelet (LC)
Silver WISH, PEACE, UNITY Bracelet. (LC)(SP) Black Bracelets w/Boy & Girl Charms. (LC)(SP)
Silver & Black Scrollwork Bracelet (LC) Multicolored & Silver Baby Bracelet (LC)
Green/Silver Cross, Peace Bracelets.(LC)(SP) Red & Yellow School Charm Bracelet. (LC)
Twisted Silver Designer Look Bracelet (LC) Silver "Faith of Noah" Mobius Bangle. (LC)
Silver Friendship Mobius Bangle. (LC) Red & Silver Scrollwork Bracelet. (LC)
Gold/Black Animal Print Bracelet.(LC) Silver/Black Animal Print Bracelet .(LC)
Black & Silver Hearts Bracelet. (LC) Silver Hearts Bracelet. (LC)
Black & White Handbag Bracelet .(LC) 3 Tri-Tone Leaf & Heart Bracelets. (LC)(SP)
Brn & Blk Cross Charm Bracelet. (LC) Silver "Padre Nuestro…" Mobius Bracelet (LC)
Black & Silver Scrollwork Bracelet. (LC) Silver Designer "Islands" Bracelet .(LC)
Silver & Pink Angel Charm Bangle (LC) Silver Fleur-de-Lis Charm Bangle (LC)
Silver Heart Charm Bangle (LC)(SP) Silver Twisted Teacher's Prayer Bangle (LC)
Twisted Lord's Prayer Bangle w/Charms (LC) Silver Twisted Fruit of the Spirit Bangle. (LC)
Twisted Mothers & Daughters Bangle (LC) Triple Silver Hearts & Keys Bracelet. (LC)
Large GOLD Jewelry Bag (10 pc. bundle) Large IVORY Jewelry Bag (10 pc. bundle)
Large PINK Jewelry Bag (10 pc. bundle) Large RED Jewelry Bag (10 pc. bundle)
Small GOLD Jewelry Bag (10 pc. bundle) Small IVORY Jewelry Bag (10 pc. bundle)
Small PINK Jewelry Bag (10 pc. bundle) Small RED Jewelry Bag (10 pc. bundle)
Gold & Brown Designer Bracelet(SP) Gold Designer Bracelet w/Brown Beads(SP)
Silver Designer Look Bracelet w/Black Beads(SP) Burnished Gold Words to Live By Mag. Br.(SP)
WALK the WALK James 1:22 (UNISEX) Yellow Heart & Paw Toggle Bracelet
Love the Paws in Yellow Bracelet(SP) Gold & Red Crystal Flower Toggle Br.(SP)
Multicolor Crystal Cherries Anklet (SP) Mickey Mouse Look Anklet (Assort Colors)(SP)
Crystal & Pink Crown Anklet (SP) Clear Crystal & Gold Bangle
Light Topaz Crystal & Silver Bangle Light Aqua Crystal Flower Button CROC Charm(SP)
Blue Zirconia Crystal Flower Button CROC Charm(SP) Green Crystal Flower Button CROC Charm(SP)
Multi Crystal Flower Button CROC Charm(SP) Pink Crystal Flower Button CROC Charm(SP)
Red Crystal Flower Button CROC Charm(SP) Crystal Cherry CROC Charm (Ass't Colors)(SP)
Dragonfly Button CROC Charm (Ass't Colors)(SP) Aqua Crystal Button CROC Charm(SP)
Clear Crystal Button CROC Charm(SP) Green Crystal Button CROC Charm(SP)
Pink Crystal Button CROC Charm(SP) Red Crystal Button CROC Charm(SP)
Watch Face Button CROC Charms (Ass't Colors)(SP) Ladybug Button CROC Charm (Red)(SP)
Multi-Crystal Crown CROC Charm(SP) Turquoise & Pistols Bracelet (LC)(SP)
Crystal "When one believes" Bracelet (LC) White Baseball Earrings (LC)
Brown Football Earrings (LC) Multicolored Shell Necklace Set .(LC)
Rich Brown Multi Necklace Set. (LC) (SP) Brown Stone/Shell/Wd Necklace Set (LC)(SP)
Black Multi-Bead Necklace Set.(LC)(SP) Black Bead Designer Necklace Set (LC)(SP)
Double Tiger's Eye Chip Necklace Set (LC)(SP) Croc-Style Charm Keyring (Ass't Colors)(SP)
Rhodium/Crystal Crosses Bangle Set (LC) Crystal/Black Fleur-de-Lis Bangle Set (LC)
Clear Crystal & Rhodium Bracelet (LC) BLK/Crystal Designer Squares Bangle Set (LC)
Black/Crystal Designer Hearts Bangle Set (LC) Wide Silver Fleur-de-Lis Bracelet (LC)
Wide Tri-Tone Fleur-de-Lis Bracelet (LC) Burnished Silver Fleur-de-Lis Bracelet (LC)
Jet/Silver Butterfly Stretch Ring (LC) Multi Crystal/ Silver Butterfly Stretch Ring (LC)
White Baseball or Softball Charm Bracelet (LC) Brown/Silver Football Charm Bracelet (LC)
Black & White Soccer Charm Bracelet (LC) Set of Silver/Crystal Designer Bracelets (LC)
Multi/Silver Autism Awareness Bracelet (LC) Silver Rose Charm Bracelet (LC)
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